Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Revisiting the Machinations

So Ann Arbor Machinations was about the city, and University of Michigan sports. Apparently all of the old posts are gone. Much like my inaugural post about Leopold Brothers' Distillery on Main street, they are no longer around.

I will be bringing back the machinations with pretty much the same purpose. I left Ann Arbor for a brief hiatus of living in the suburbs (Northville) as I was going to leave Ann Arbor permanently to study law in Arizona. Law school turned out to not be what I wanted with my life and I happily came back to the city nearly two years ago. As I've seen business come and go, I've realized I want to bring the blog back with a primary focus of talking about local businesses. Reviews and commentary. Raving about delicious discoveries. Local/Regional photography. There will most likely be a healthy dose of athletics as well considering I'm a Michigan fan through and through.

Welcome back to Ann Arbor Machinations.

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